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Birthdate:Jun 2
This journal is Friends only!

About me: I'm a ninja. Did I mention that I'm an artist, too? Yep, I do have a comic in this blog about ninja girls and a kitty. Go check it out, if you wish.

I'm a 28 year old internet addict that lives in a house in California and I'm employed, too. I write daily stuff in my journal and I update at least once a day. I have a crazy life. I just twist my life upside down, if I'm not lazy. Otherwise, everything around me is cool.

Art and icons: These are drawn and made by me, unless otherwise credited. (Check view userpics for other credits.)

Friends: My readership is currently open. I like making new friends. Add me, and I'll add you back within 24 hours. I don't do "friends cuts", so no worries. As long as you're awesome. Any random bots, don't bother.

Just enjoy my journal if you like it.

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adema, alice in chains, alternative rock, american hi-fi, anti-flag, art, as i lay dying, ataris, audioslave, august burns red, bad religion, barbecue, baseball, basketball, being awesome, being friendly, being sneaky, being stupid, black crowes, black sabbath, blur, built to spill, calvin and hobbes, candi, cartoons, cats, chocolate, coiling spine, coldplay, comedy, comics, cookies, count your sheep, crfh!!!, cute stuff, dead kennedys, deadsy, demon hunter, dilbert, disturbed, drawing, dropkick murphys, dumbing of age, evanescence, females, flogging molly, foo fighters, food, football, for today, fort minor, forums, foxtrot, franz ferdinand, funny stuff, game shows, garfield, geography, get fuzzy, girls, green day, hardcore, heavy metal, indie rock, internet, its walky!, jane's addiction, jokes, kunoichis, laughing, led zeppelin, linkin park, livejournal, living colour, megadeth, memes, metallica, music, music videos, my bloody valentine, nine inch nails, ninjas, nirvana, nofx, oasis, pavement, pearl jam, pennywise, pixies, pizza, playing games, poetry, psl, punk rock, puzzles, r.e.m., radiohead, ramones, rancid, red hot chili peppers, rise against, rock radio, scenery, seether, sevendust, shortpacked, sketching, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, snacks, songs, sonic youth, soundgarden, sports, staind, static-x, strawberries, sudoku, sum 41, supergrass, sweets, system of a down, taproot, the beatles, the clash, the cure, the devil wears prada, the living end, the strokes, the vines, tool, trapt, tsunami bomb, tv, u2, walking, wapsi square, warped tour, wasting time, weather, webcomics, weezer, white stripes, wilco, women, word games, writing, your mom, youtube, zits (comic)
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